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Hali-Brite is an industry leader in developing innovative airfield equipment and lighting systems. Our quality, reliable products, many of which feature patented designs that make maintenance safer, easier and more cost effective, can be found at civilian and military airports and heliports throughout the country.

Our product list includes essential lighting systems such as:
  • airport beacons,
  • REIL airport strobe lights,
  • airport runway lights,
  • airport taxi lights,
  • precision approach path indicators (PAPI) and
  • obstruction lights.

In addition to lighting systems, lamps and replacement parts, we also manufacture and distribute airport equipment such as:

  • windsocks,
  • runway closure markers,
  • guidance signs,
  • radio receivers/decoders and
  • beacon poles.

Many of our products are built with innovative designs and technology that results in unsurpassed performance. Visit our Products Page and see for yourself how Hali-Brite’s commitment to service has made it a leader in the airport lighting industry.



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