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L-880/L-881 PAPI

The Hali-Brite L-880/L-881 Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) is a three-lamp approach lighting system located near the runway threshold to assist pilots in establishing an approach path. This lighting system typically displays five different red and white light patterns.

L-880/L-881 PAPI


  • The PAPI System consists of a three-lamp Light Housing Assembly as the main component.
  • Additional components include Power and Control Unit, Series Circuit Lamp shorting devices with integral tilt switch and Aiming Instrument Set.
  • The PAPI is a low-power consumption energy efficient system. Each Lamp Housing Assembly draws a nominal 300 watts as opposed to other 400- to 600-watt systems.
  • The size and weight of the PAPI Lamp Housings is up to 30% less than other systems.
  • Most routine service components can be changed without requiring hand tools.
  • The Lamp Housing Assembly can be mounted on wide range of 3-leg mounting patterns. Standard mounting is on a 22" across the front and 16" front to back. Four additional mounting configurations are available for retrofit on most 3-leg PAPI existing mounts.
  • Manufactured in the USA



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