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Rotating Beacons

Airport Rotating Beacon L-801A HBM 150/2
Features two 150-watt pulse-start lamps and two lenses: clear and aviation green
Heliport Rotating Beacon L-801H HBM 150/3
Features three 150-watt lamps, and three lenses: clear, aviation green and yellow
Airport Rotating Beacon L-802A HBM 400PS
Features two 400-watt pulse-start lamps and two lenses: clear and aviation green
Military Airport Rotating Beacon L-802M HBM 320
Features two 320-watt metal-halide lamps and two lenses: Dual-beam clear and aviation green
36” Refurbished Airport Rotating Beacon L-802A
Features one 400-watt metal-halide lamp and two lenses: clear and aviation green

Beacon Poles

Beacon Tipdown Pole
Center-hinged, winch-driven Tipdown Pole to service beacons from the ground
Beacon Basket Pole
Tubular steel beacon pole with climbing features and basket around the beacon for servicing.


Wind Cones

L-806 Wind Cone and Solar Power Supply
Lighted or non-lighted wind cone for small airports and heliports. Size 1 (18” diameter) wind sock only.
L-807 Wind Cone and Solar Power Supply
Lighted or non-lighted wind cone for any airport. Size 1 (18” diameter) or Size 2 (36” diameter) wind socks.
Wind Cone Light Kits L-806 and L-807
Illuminates the inside surface of the wind cone sock.


Approach Lighting

Directional REIL L-849
Unidirectional strobe lights that mark the approach end of a runway.
Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) L-880/L-881
Three-lamp approach lighting system near runway threshold that helps establish the approach path.


Runway/Taxiway Lighting

Runway Closure Marker RCM-D
Diesel engine-powered illuminated “X” warns pilots of a closed runway or taxiway.
Elevated Runway, Taxiway & Threshold Lights L-860, L-861
Elevated lights mark the edge of runways, taxiways, thresholds and heliport perimeters.
Runway Guard Light L-804
Light fixture with dual alternate yellow light signals that warn pilots and ground vehicles that they’re about to enter a runway.
Radio Receiver/Decoder L-854
Allows pilots to activate airfield lighting systems by keying their microphone.


Signs & Obstruction Lighting

Flexible Reflective Markers L-853
Marks edge of runways and taxiways with reflective material.
Runway and Taxiway Signs L-858
Marks ground traffic routes.
Obstruction Light L-810
Single or dual lamps mark the top of tall structures that present hazards to air navigation.

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