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Runway and Taxiway Signs L-858

Compliance with Standards:
FAA: L-858A AC150/5345-44 (latest revision)

The Hali-Brite distributes Runway and Taxiway Signs manufactured by Lumacurve® and AGM. They are preferred by many airport personnel, design engineers and installation contractors because of their reliable performance, easy maintenance and flexible modular design. These FAA-compliant airfield signs are now installed and clearly marking ground traffic routes in more than 1,000 airports throughout the world.


  • Backed by over 40 years of manufacturing experience and proven to be reliable.
  • Curved acrylic plastic sign face sheds jet blast, provides balanced and uniform lighting, and enhances legend readability.
  • Top covers are easily removed without tools for quick re-lamping.
  • Modular construction allows maximum flexibility in legend display, single and double faced.
  • Multi-module signs look continuous from a distance due to translucent plastic joints used between face panels.
  • A variety of dependable lighting systems are available for all airport circuit applications and regulator capacity needs.
  • Sturdy, corrosion-free aluminum structure withstands up to 200 mph winds and jet blast, yet frangible mounts facilitate breakover if struck by aircraft.
  • 24-hour shipping service guarantees shipment of replacement signs and parts within 24 hours of the order receipt.
  • Module extension and lighting system retrofit kits are available to facilitate sign modification during airfield changes and expansion.



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